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Steens Mountain Getaway Author: steelhead: The Great Basin redband trout spend most of the year living in the marshes and the deeper regions of the basin’s alkaline lakes. They spawn in the freshwater rivers which flow into the marshes in June. We knew the fish were still down in the valley; the spawning run had not quite started yet.

Steens Mountain Getaway Photo Album Author: steelhead: Photo album for the Steens Mountain Getaway article.

Cutthroat Dreams And A Mountain Called Steens Author: steelhead: My grandson saw some huge cutthroats there, must have been six to eight pounds." He added, "there is a deep drop-off. The fish would follow his spinner up over the edge but they wouldn't hit.

Trinity Alps Wilderness Fishing (Long Gulch Lake) Author: steelhead: I was able to place a #18 ginger colored classic dry directly in front of him. The trout bumped the fly but didn’t take it.

Russian Wilderness Fishing (Paynes Lake) Author: steelhead: She got within about twenty feet before she spotted me, lowered her head and charged. I immediately yelled and took an bellicose stance with my seven foot hardwood hiking staff. The forest came to life. Two does and three big fawns were running full speed down the hill passing on both sides of me. It's a miracle I didn't get run over in the stampede. Sorry I couldn't get a photo. It felt like being in a scene from the movie Avatar.

Marble Mountain Wilderness Fishing (Shackleford) Author: Steelhead: I took a day trip into the Marble Mountain Wilderness in search of high mountain trout with my fly rod.

Not Just Any Fish Author: Phil Akers: While catching trout of any kind is great, there is something really special about fishing for native trout in their natural habitats. The California Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) runs the Heritage Trout Challenge to encourage anglers to participate in a memorable outdoor experience. Accepting this challenge will find you fishing in some of California’s most remote locales. And you will be fishing for something very special: feisty trout that only a tiny fraction of other licensed anglers have witnessed up close. Gorgeous, vivid and exotic, these are not just any fish.

Modern Day Steelheading Author: Jeremiah Wattenburger: I am here to tell you that as little as 2-3 hours of note taking and observation can give you everything you need to have a fighting chance at hooking that mystical, ghostly, chrome beast just days or even hours after it pushed out of the salt!

A Day on the River Author: Jimmy Petersen: My home river is the South Fork of the Snake River in southeastern Idaho. This portion of the South Fork flows 66 miles northwest from Palisades Dam to the confluence with the Henry’s Fork near the Menan Buttes, which are two of the largest volcanic tuff cones in the world.

Summertime Combo Trips for Tahoe Kokanee and Mackinaw Author: Mark Wiza: They say fishing on Lake Tahoe is difficult. This is true. It can also be very good if you know what you’re doing. Even for the best Tahoe anglers and guides though, one day the fishing can be tough while the next may be much better. Right now it’s just plain silly.

California’s Farthest Reaches Author: Flip Akers: Fishing success requires strategy, stealth and patience. Any foolish move will spook the area for long periods of time. Tenkara fly fishing works great here, drifting weighted morsels way down into isolated cavernous pockets where the fish feed. Patience, waiting, fishing…

Snow Pants are Not Waders, and Other Fly Fishing Lessons Author: Richard Camacho: Having never held a fly rod, let alone cast one, I figured it couldn’t be all that difficult. After all, I already knew how to fish and I thought “If a bunch of old guys can do it then so can I, right?”

HANDS OFF! Practicing Proper Catch and Release Author: Mike Leslie: No matter the species (brown, brook, rainbow, golden or cutthroat), the trout is one of the most fragile of all the freshwater fishes. A trout's needs and requirements for continued survival are some of the most demanding of any freshwater game fish and both it and its underwater habitat should be treated with respect.

You Get Your Twenty Yet? Author: Mark Wiza: Sometimes when I fish Tahoe I’m wracked by indecision over what lures to use and which techniques to employ first. Slow troll with bait? Fast troll with minnow plugs? Fish right up in the rocks for crayfish-eating rainbows? Or in the 10 to 20 foot zone for minnow-chasing browns?

Smith River Christmas Gifts Author: Jeremiah Wattenburger (JW): At the end of last year’s winter steelhead run I travelled to the Smith River in Northern California with a couple of good friends. We had a great time, but the fishing was a little slow. So we decided to try again later in the year when the steelhead returned. Flash forward 10 months: rain, rain and more rain. We had planned to hit the road early the day after Christmas. I saw a window in the storms, so we stuck to the plan.

When Mackinaw Attack! Author: Mark Wiza: The mackinaw are finally up on Lake Tahoe’s west shore! Every year after they finish their fall spawn these wild char move in to the shallows. But when? Some years you can catch a nice 4 or 5 pound fish on a minnow-imitating plug trolled on a flatline as early as Thanksgiving, while sometimes it takes until Christmas. The beginning of the second week in December is the start of the optimal window.

Keep it Simple Author: Richard Camacho (Sehoner): After wrestling the fins and tethers over my clumsy, bootie clad feet, I cinched up and kicked out. My first thought was: Man this is cool! My second was my horrific fear of drowning, which was immediately followed by Oh my god, am I sinking? Did I put enough air in? How do you control this thing? I hope nothing grabs my leg!

Curing And Dyeing Prawns Author: Phil Pirone (owner, Pro-Cure Inc.): When the water conditions get "just right" it seems all these finicky springers will eat is a cured arctic prawn. So knowledgeable anglers will always have a supply of top quality cured artic prawns with them.

Cooking & Cleaning Crab Author: Staff: More than you ever wanted to know about preparing crab along with a few of our favorite crab recipes.

Las Barilles Dream Paddy Author: Deborah Alves: In that vast Sea of Cortez was a wooden box about four feet across. The local anglers call anything floating a paddy and the shade a paddy provides attracts dorado. "Under that box are dorado."......

Alaska's Giant Rainbows Author: Matt Casado (Matt C.): That rainbow might take off downstream and then suddenly, before you know it, he’s turned around and running right at you. You’d better be good at stripping line or you better be good at running backwards.

Eagle Lake With My Brother Mike Author: Dave Smith (dave in el dorado): After landing the five pounder we took a long moment. The lines were up, the wind was down, and there was almost no light left in the sky. As we drifted along, we cracked a pair of cold beers, gave a toast and hugged each other, knowing this was an epic moment in our lives as brothers and as friends. In the final hour of the final day of this trip, Eagle Lake had smiled upon us.

Chasing Browns Author: Scott Marton: It could be said that for every fisherman, there is a fish. Not just any fish, but one species in particular that really brings it all together and holds their attention and creates an obsession. My fish is the brown trout. For the past nine years I have targeted them like no other.

Creeks Were Made to Wade Author: Tony Bean (The Grub Man): As I tossed a live crawfish into a deep hole just below a piece of fast current, the water exploded with five pounds of smallmouth bass digging for the nearest cover.

Hot Summer Fishing For Coldwater Species Author: Mark Wiza: What summer doldrums? If you know the spots to hit and the productive techniques to use, trout fishing in the Tahoe area hardly slows down even in the dog days. Let’s hit just a few of my favorite late summer hotspots...

Think Big!!! British Columbia's Skeena River Author: Richard Alves: I started chasing the fish down river when about half the spool was gone. I was fortunate as the fish turned up river and headed across the fast water. I thought I was getting things under control when the fish got into the main channel and tore off downstream.

A Great Lake Fights Back Author: J. R. Darancette (Captain Compassion): In the spring of 2008 problems with two side gates at the 64 foot level on the dam were discovered by underwater inspection. In July of 2008 the EID board of directors declared a state of emergency and just after mid-month a drawdown of the lake began.

Fishing the North Fork of the Yuba Author: Alan Nealley (Fats): This May we decided to see what we were missing and started planning a trip. We had an idea that if we were centered near Downieville, we could access the North Fork, which flows right along much of Hwy 49. Outside of that, we had little clue as to what to expect.

2010 ICAST Show, Most Innovative New Products Author: Richard Alves (steelhead): Some of these products are so new they are not even available yet. A few others are just hitting the market. We will be testing a number of them in the upcoming months and let you know how they perform.

Cigar Chomping Trout! Author: Mark Wiza: After a couple of hours and several mile-long trolling passes in this key area, I had caught and released two macks around five pounds each, but on the next run my rod jerked over and kicked much more violently as the lightly set drag rapidly paid out line. Yes! This was the fish I was looking for!