Instructions For Submitting A Map

Note: What we are looking for in a map. Our maps are designed for anglers and providing them with useful information. We want launches, marinas (with services provided), resorts, campgrounds (with any specific information about them), coast guard/ranger stations/park offices etc., RV parks, sanitary dump stations, landmarks recognizable from the water, creeks and such identified if possible, and any other mappable information that would be of use to an angler.


Go to

If you do not yet have an account with Google maps you will have to set one up.


My Maps

1. Click on “My Maps

Get Started

2. Click on “Get Started”.

Get Started

3. Click on “Create An Account Now”. Fill out the form. When you are done you will be signed on. You will receive an EMAIL from Google Maps to verify your EMAIL address. Just click on the link in the EMAIL and you will then be able to sign in.


4. The first time you log in you will arrive at the profile page. You do not have to give Google any more information. Click on "Maps"



1.If you aren't signed in... "Sign In". Right side of the screen at the very top

My Maps

1. Click on “My Maps

Get Started

2. Click on “Get Started”.

Map Info

3. Fill out the “Map Title”, “Map Description” and check “Unlisted


4. Click on the "Satellite Tab" and navigate to what you want to map. The scroll wheel on your mouse controls zoom. Wheel forward zooms in, wheel backward zooms out. Directional control is accomplished by simple holding down the left mouse button and dragging the map around (Mac users just hold the button down).


5. This first navigation is important because it is how your map will show later when you are finished. Click “Done”.


6. Click “Edit

Icon Button

7. Zoom in to the point of interest you want to show. The closer you zoom in, the more accurate the placement of your icon will be. I've found some that are miles off. Click on the "Icon Button". Drag the “X” to the spot you want and click.

Title and Description

8. Fill out the title and what information you have about the point of interest in the box.

Icon Box

9. Click on the “Icon Box”.


10. Chose the Icon you want and click.


11. Click “Ok”. You can repeat steps 7-11 to add as many points of interest as necessary.

When you are finished click "Save" then click "Done". Sometimes you will only have the "Done" option to click.


12. Click the “Send” tab.

Send Box

13. Fill in the "To Box": Type your email addy in the “From” box. Click “Send

That’s all there is to it ;)