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An informed sportsman is a better and more successful sportsman. You can be that informed sportsman. When it comes to the information and field intelligence that matters most to California's hunters and fishermen, there is only one source that serves it up week in and week out - Western Outdoor News.

That's because Western Outdoor News is the only sportsman's weekly published for California's active sportsmen, people like you. It will give you the kind of news that you can use, like where the bite is hot (and just as importantly, where it's not) and where your best bet at filling your bag limit of upland game, waterfowl or big game is likely to be. And do it early enough in the week for you to make plans for the upcoming weekend.

Give a gift of Western Outdoor News Western Outdoor News will save you money when you are in the market for new gear or looking to set up that special outdoors trip. You'll know when there's a new deal or special sale going on at your local outdoor retailers. Likewise with sportfishing landings, trip outfitters, guide services, and hunt clubs. It's news you can (and will) use.

Sure, you could trot on down to the newsstand each week and plunk down $2.25 per issue. But why not save some time, money and tread wear by having Western Outdoor News delivered to your mailbox? You can guarantee that you'll get the information you need every week, right here and now, and save yourself some money to boot. Just order now right here. Your subscription will begin arriving in as little as two weeks!

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